HANNITY: President Trump is ON FIRE This Week, Approval SOARS

posted by Hannity Staff - 4.05.18

Speaking during his opening monologue on ‘Hannity’ Wednesday night, Sean weighed-in on President Trump’s bold decision to deploy the National Guard to the southern border; saying the President was “taking action” after Congressional leaders refused “to lift a finger.”

“President Trump is on a complete tear by continuing to keep his promises and enact the agenda that the American people voted for in November 2016. The DHS Secretary made a major announcement about President Trump’s plan to secure the southern border,” said Hannity.

“President Trump has signed the proclamation to send the National Guard to the southern border,” he added. “The President deserves a lot of credit. If Congress isn’t going to lift a finger to solve the problem, then he’s going to take the steps as Commander-in-Chief and do it on his own.”

“The liberal media won’t be telling you that, they’ll be busy orchestrating an onslaught of any negative story they could find; obsessing over Stormy Daniels and Russia,” said Sean.

Watch Sean’s opening monologue above.