HANNITY: The FIX Was in For Hillary Clinton from the Start

posted by Hannity Staff - 12.15.17

Speaking during his opening monologue on ‘Hannity’ Thursday, Sean called-out former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her top aides, saying “the fix was in from the beginning” to exonerate Clinton from all crimes related to her private email scandal.

“the term ‘grossly negligent’ was in fact changed to ‘extreme carelessness”

“A major development in the Clinton server scandal… We here at Fox News have obtained a draft of James Comey’s exoneration statement that let Hillary Clinton off-the-hook as it relates to the email server,” said Sean. “The document shows that the term ‘grossly negligent’ was in fact changed to ‘extreme carelessness’ in two places. ‘Grossly negligent’ is the legal standard that would’ve meant Clinton broke the law.”

“All of this continues to prove the fix was in from the very beginning of what is a farce of an investigation. There was the exoneration before the investigation was anywhere near concluded,” he added. “The fix was in, plain and simple, we now have the evidence.”

“This is beyond outrageous, and it shows it shows there’s a different set of rules and standards for the Clintons and their allies. A two-tier justice system we have been talking about and warning you about,” Hannity said.

“Make no mistake: It’s all part of a pattern when it comes to the Clintons. The fix is in all the time. The fix is in against Bernie, the fix is in here, the fix is in on other issues. Removing and destroying documents is just part of Clinton’s standard operating procedure,” he added.

Watch Sean’s opening monologue above.