North Korea

HANNITY: The Media is ‘OPENLY ROOTING’ for Trump to Fail on North Korea

posted by Hannity Staff - 5.30.18

Speaking during his opening monologue on ‘Hannity’ Tuesday, Sean slammed the mainstream media for “openly rooting” for the President to fail on his attempts to totally denuclearize the Korean peninsula.

Hannity: More evidence of the media's anti-Trump bias

“As the President’s historic talks weigh in the balance; despite what you’re hearing from the mainstream media in this country, we have every reason to believe and be hopeful about potential upcoming talks with North Korea,” said Hannity.

“Last week, President Trump initially canceled the summit; sending a strongly worded letter to Kim Jong Un after the despot authorized a series of aggressive statements,” he added.

“As you could imagine, the corrupt media used that letter to trash the President,” said Sean. “They’re openly rooting for the President to fail.”

Watch Hannity’s opening monologue above.