HANNITY: Why Didn't the Media BLAST OBAMA for Calling Putin?

posted by Hannity Staff - 3.22.18

Sean Hannity called-out the mainstream media’s stunning hypocrisy Wednesday night; slamming the networks for their blatant double-standard in covering President Trump’s “congratulatory” phone call to Vladimir Putin.

“Back in 2012 President Barack Obama, he did the same thing congratulating Putin that now the media is excoriating President Trump for,” said Hannity. “You cannot make this stuff up. That’s how hypocritical the media, the left-wing in this country are.”

“This is all one big massive hypocritical double-standard that’s on display, and sadly we see it every day,” he added. “The media’s whipping themselves into a frenzy acting like this is a major national security crisis. It’s not.”

“Remember Obama and Hillary Clinton’s so-called Russia reset? It was a photo op, a bad one at that, and it accomplished nothing,” Sean said.

Watch Sean call-out the destroy-Trump media on ‘Hannity’ above.