HATE FEST: Hollywood Remains SILENT as Best Actor Winner ‘THANKS AMERICA’ at Oscars

posted by Hannity Staff - 3.05.18

The winner of the Academy Award for Best Actor publicly praised America during the 90th Academy Awards ceremony Sunday night, thanking the United States for “many wonderful gifts” as Hollywood looked on in stone-cold silence.

British-born Gary Oldman publicly acknowledged his adopted nation during his acceptance speech for his role portraying Prime Minister Winston Churchill in ‘Darkest Hour,’ saying the US has given him many “loves and friendships” over the years.

“I’ve lived in America for the longest time, and I am deeply grateful to her for the loves and the friendships I have made and the many wonderful gifts it has given me. My home, my livelihood, my family, and now Oscar,” said Oldman as the audience watched in silence.

Users on social media were quick to thank Oldman for his patriotic comments, saying “Props to Gary Oldman for thanking America when he accepted the Oscar for his role as Winston Churchill.”

Watch Oldman’s comments above.