HELL FREEZES OVER: ‘Morning Joe’ DEFENDS Trump from ‘Crazy’ Joe Biden

posted by Hannity Staff - 3.22.18

‘Morning Joe’ co-host Mika Brzezinski took a brief break from her anti-Trump tantrum Thursday, rebuking “Crazy Joe” Biden’s violent rhetoric towards the President; adding those comments are “not going to help you at this point.”

The MSNBC anchor was referring to a recent speech delivered by the former Vice President where he threatened to “beat the hell” out of the Commander-in-Chief.

“Given the fact that Joe Biden had some really strong words about beating-up the President when he was on high school. I would urge all Democrats to sit back and let the story play out,” said Mika.

“Don’t say things like that. It’s not going to help you at this point,” she added. “Don’t play into the President’s game here. Let’s just let this play out.”

Watch Mika’s comments above.

h/t Washington Free Beacon