HELL FREEZES OVER: NY Times Reporter Admits Trump Deserves ‘ENORMOUS CREDIT’ for North Korea Progress

posted by Hannity Staff - 3.07.18

A reporter for the New York Times publicly admitted on left-leaning CNN this week that President Trump deserves “enormous credit” for ratcheting up the pressure on North Korea and forcing Kim Jong Un back to the negotiating table.

CNN contributor David Sanger was commenting on Kim’s recent announcement that he would be willing to “freeze” his nuclear program and halt future tests if talks with the US could be resumed.

“In terms of giving President Trump the credit, don’t you have to rewind the tape back further than the Olympics. During his campaign, during the transition, he was already saying things that were unorthodox. He was already saying that he would sit down and negotiate,” said host Alisyn Camerota.

“Did that set the table for the South and the North to have this Olympic moment?” she asked.

“That did, and the imposition of truly deep sanctions -which the US stepped out to enforce- probably gave an additional motivation for Kim Jong Un to realize he had to get into some talks that would relieve that pressure,” said Sanger. “President Trump deserves enormous credit for ratcheting up that pressure.”

“There’s no reason the Obama administration couldn’t have done that, and they didn’t,” he added.

Watch the admission above.