HELL FREEZES OVER: NYT Defends TRUMP Over Phony Immigration Smears

posted by Hannity Staff - 5.29.18

The New York Times set the record straight Monday over reports the Trump administration had separated immigrant children from their parents at the border; publishing an article that flatly refutes recent Democratic claims of the administration’s “horrible laws.”

Liberal lawmakers pounced on the White House during the holiday weekend over multiple reports that the administration had “lost track” of over 1,000 Central American migrant children; yet failed to disclose it was most likely a result of their sponsors failing to respond to a government survey.

“Did the Trump administration separate nearly 1,500 immigrant children from their parents at the border, and then lose track of them? No,” writes the author.  “The government did realize last year that it lost track of 1,475 migrant children it had placed with sponsors in the United States, according to testimony before a Senate subcommittee last month. But those children had arrived alone at the Southwest border — without their parents.”

“From these calls, officials learned that 6,075 children remained with their sponsors. Twenty-eight had run away, five had been removed from the United States and 52 had relocated to live with a nonsponsor. The rest were unaccounted for, giving rise to the 1,475 number. It is possible that some of the adult sponsors simply chose not to respond to the agency,” adds the author.

Read the full report here.