HOLLYWEIRD: Rob Reiner Slams ‘Lying Rat’ Trump, Threatens ‘All Out War’

posted by Hannity Staff - 4.20.18

Hollywood liberal Rob Reiner weighed-in on the Democratic Party’s recent lawsuit against the Trump administration Friday, bizarrely suggesting the “moron-in-chief” was “trapped like a rat” over the impending legal battle.

The filmmaker continued his anti-Trump tirade this week, calling the DNC’s lawsuit “better late than never” and saying liberals are in an “all out war for the soul of our country.”

“Better late than never. DNC files suit against Trump campaign. The moron-in-chief is trapped like a pathologically lying rat. This is all out war for the soul of our country,” Reiner tweeted.

The comedian is no stranger to controversial comments regarding President Trump and has repeatedly slammed the Commander-in-Chief is a “racist,” going so far as to call his war with Trump the last “big battle” of the American Civil War.