HOLLYWEIRD: Rob Reiner GOES OFF, Says US Getting Close to ‘THE END’

posted by Hannity Staff - 2.08.18

Hollywood celebrity Rob Reiner continued his non-stop attack on President Trump this week, hysterically stating the United States is getting closer and closer to “the end” of self-government as Republican voters “rejects patriotism.”

The liberal A-lister launched his unhinged attack on the GOP on social media Wednesday night, predicting the end of America as we know it should Republicans continue to support the President’s plans for a pro-military parade in the nation’s capital.

“He wants a military parade to show his strength. But is unwilling to lift a finger to protect US from an invasion from a foreign enemy power. The longer he turns his back on this reality & the GOP rejects patriotism, the closer we get to the end of self government,” tweeted Reiner.

The director’s comments come just days after he made similar anti-Trump statements on social media, calling for the “last big battle” of the American Civil War and labeling President Trump a “criminal” who threatens Democracy’s “survival.”