HOLLYWEIRD: Rob Reiner Says 'CRIMINAL' Trump a Threat to Democracy's 'SURVIVAL'

posted by Hannity Staff - 2.05.18

The mainstream media and Hollywood celebrity meltdown over President Trump’s decision to de-classify the bombshell FISA memo continued over the weekend, with liberal filmmaker Rob Reiner calling on all Americans to oppose “criminal” Donald Trump if Democracy is to “survive.”

The left-wing comedian viciously attacked the Commander-in-Chief on social media Sunday, accusing the President of “destroying” 241 years of American democracy and telling fellow liberals it’s time for “all hands on deck” to take-down Trump.

“I fear we’ve arrived at an inflection point. DT, his state run media arm(Fox) & St.Petersburg have worked overtime to sow confusion to discredit Mueller. If we want Democracy to survive it’s all hands on deck. Can’t let a greedy lying criminal destroy 241 yrs. of promise,” Reiner tweeted.

The comments are similar to Reiner’s ridiculous rhetoric late last month, when he called for the “last big battle” of the American Civil War ahead of the impending “Schumer Shutdown.”

h/t Twitchy