INCONVENIENT TRUTH: Scientists ADMIT Cold Snap UNRELATED to Global Warming

posted by Hannity Staff - 1.11.18

Global climate scientists have confirmed in recent days that the recent freeze crippling much of the US was totally un-related to global warming; but was instead a “freak of nature” that occurs from completely natural causes.

According to Yahoo! News, the cold snap that brought a frigid “bomb cyclone” to the east coast of the United States was not caused by man-made greenhouse gases, but is instead a naturally occurring phenomenon that is 15 times rarer today than it was just 100 years go.

“The cold snap that gripped the East Coast and Midwest region was a rarity that bucks the warming trend,” said a researcher from the National Center for Atmospheric Research.

“It was very definitely strange, especially now,” added another scientist from Princeton University. A century ago “it wouldn’t have been that strange. Things like this are becoming stranger.”

Climate change alarmists were quick to blame the cold-snap on global warming, with “experts” breathlessly saying the freezing weather was somehow brought about by rising global temperatures.

“It’s bitter cold in parts of the US, but climate scientist Dr. Michael Mann explains that’s exactly what we should expect from the climate crisis,” former Vice President Al Gore posted on social media.