IRAN’S NEW PLOT: Tehran Working with EU to AVOID US Sanctions

posted by Hannity Staff - 5.29.18

Iranian lawmakers held high-level meetings with the European Union this week, with those close to the negotiations saying Tehran is attempting to circumvent American sanctions just weeks after President Trump withdrew from the international nuclear agreement.

According to the state-run news agency, the Islamic Republic is holding high-stakes meetings with key US allies to help avoid the recently re-imposed American sanctions; saying Iran is “improving relations with other countries” to bypass the new economic restrictions.

“In addition to the EU, we are improving relations with other countries, especially the neighbors,” said an Iranian government spokesperson.

“A major part of the oil is sold to India and China,” he added. “We are also in talks with Europe to continue oil sales to them, and Iran’s increased oil sales to them has even been under discussion with them to compensate any drop if some states decrease oil imports.”

“India follows only UN sanctions and not unilateral sanctions by any country,” said a trade representative for India, directly rebuking the Trump administration’s efforts to isolate the Iranian regime.

The United States vowed to strictly enforce the new sanctions Tuesday, saying they are prepared to deploy dozens of diplomats to ensure the international community complies with the Trump administration’s harsh crackdown on the Iranian regime.