IT BEGINS: Democrats Introduce Bill to REPEAL GOP Tax Cuts

posted by Hannity Staff - 5.23.18

A Colorado congressman became the first Democrat to introduce legislation to officially repeal the GOP-sponsored tax cuts this week, calling on the funds to be “redirected” towards student loan payments and education grants.

According to Business Insider, Rep. Jared Polis unveiled his ‘Students Over Special Interests’ Act Wednesday, introducing new legislation that would raise taxes to help fund the nation’s education system.

“The legislation, according to a summary viewed by Business Insider ahead of its introduction, would repeal the new tax law and redirect the taxpayer dollars toward erasing the $1.4 trillion in student-loan debt and investing in Pell grants. It will be the first piece of legislation aimed at unraveling the new tax law,” writes Business Insider.

“The Republican tax plan was all about special interests cashing in at the expense of everyone else. My plan shows what a difference we can make for middle-class Americans for even less cost,” said Polis.

“So many people go to school, get a job, and work hard but still struggle to get ahead because they are weighted down by student loans. It’s time to help them get out from the mountain of debt they are under,” he added.

h/t Business Insider