JUST IN: House of Reps APPROVES TAX REFORM Legislation

posted by Hannity Staff - 12.19.17

The House of Representatives successfully passed the highly anticipated GOP tax reform legislation Tuesday afternoon, slashing taxes for average Americans and clearing a key hurdle in getting the bill to the President’s desk by Christmas.

GOP lawmakers managed to pass the overhaul of the nation’s outdated and overly complicated tax code along mostly partisan lines; sending the legislation to the US Senate with a 227-203 vote.

“Today, we are giving the people of this country their money back,” House Speaker Paul Ryan  said on the House floor. “This is real relief, and people are going to see this in their paychecks before too long… This is the greatest example of a promise being made and a promise being kept.”

The $1.5 trillion tax package now heads to the United States Senate, where a simple 51 vote majority will advance the legislation to the President.

Mitch McConnell and other members of the GOP leadership urged a speedy passage of the bill this week, before Democrat Doug Jones cuts the Senate’s razor-thin GOP majority to an even smaller margin.

The Senate is expected to vote on the legislation as early as Tuesday night.