North Korea

KIM JONG BOOM: North Korea ACCIDENTALLY CRASHES Missile into Its Own City

posted by Hannity Staff - 1.04.18

A new report shows North Korea incidentally crashed a medium-range ballistic missile into a town just outside the capital of Pyongyang last April, causing an explosion and possible injuries to its own citizens during the botched experiment, reports Fox News.

According to sources familiar with the accident, the intermediate rocket launched in late April 2017 from a military outpost in South Pyongan Province; the third failed experiment from Kim’s regime in that month alone in his quest to perfect his missile program.

The rocket fell from the sky after roughly 60 seconds of flight before crashing into the city of Tokchun, causing “considerable damage to a complex of industrial or agricultural buildings.”

The failed launch may explain why the North Korean regime relocated its testing facilities to the eastern coastal city of Sinpo, as inflight failures over the sea would cause significantly less damage and zero publicity.

Later in the year, dictator Kim Jong Un successfully launched multiple intercontinental, long-range ballistic missiles capable of striking every major American city. In response, President Trump issued a stark warning to the despot, saying the US was prepared to “totally destroy” his regime.