North Korea


posted by Hannity Staff - 12.20.17

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is reportedly loading the deadly biological agent anthrax onto his intercontinental ballistic missiles; putting the devastating weapon of mass destruction in range of every major American city.

According to the Daily Mail, South Korean officials believe the despot is retrofitting his rocket arsenal to accommodate the deadly disease, conducting experiments to see if the agent could withstand the searing heat of a warhead’s re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere from space.

The report comes as the region braces for the upcoming 2018 Winter Olympics, with military experts and government officials worried that international gathering would be “celebrated” by future nuclear tests and missile launches by the rogue regime.

Earlier this year, Kim Jong Un raised alarm bells in capitals throughout the world after he tested an advanced ICBM capable of striking the east coast of the US. In response, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said this week that the US would be unwilling to co-exist with a nuclear-equipped North Korea.

“There is but one party that has carried out illegal detonation of illegal devices, there is but one party that launches intercontinental ballistic missiles … that is the Kim regime in North Korea,” Tillerson said.