North Korea

KIM’S BIOTHREAT: North Korean Defectors ‘VACCINATED’ Against Anthrax

posted by Hannity Staff - 12.26.17

A recent North Korean defector was reportedly “vaccinated” against the deadly biological agent Anthrax by the communist regime, raising serious concerns over whether dictator Kim Jong Un is prepared to use the weapon of mass destruction should war erupt with the United States.

According to the Sun, multiple North Korean soldiers who dashed to freedom into South Korea were found to have antibodies against the deadly disease in their blood stream, suggesting Kim may be inoculating his army should they use the biological weapon.

“The soldier’s identity has not been revealed but it is believed he was either exposed to anthrax or directly vaccinated against it,” writes the Sun.

Earlier this month, South Korean and Japanese officials warned the United States that Kim Jong Un was secretly testing methods for loading anthrax onto his intercontinental ballistic missiles; putting major American cities within range of Kim’s weapons.

The Daily Mail reports South Korean officials believe the despot is retrofitting his rocket arsenal to accommodate the deadly disease, conducting experiments to see if the agent could withstand the searing heat of a warhead’s re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere from space.