North Korea

KIM’S DEMANDS: Kim INSISTS South Korea HALT War Drills with USA

posted by Hannity Staff - 1.12.18

Just days after North and South Korean officials held historic talks at the de-militarized zone between the two nations, dictator Kim Jong Un is already demanding major concessions from South Korean authorities; insisting that Seoul ceases all military drills with the United States.

The North Korean government announced Friday its demand that the South cease all joint military operations with the US, saying the “war rehearsal” could result in a “catastrophe” for the entire Korean peninsula.

“They should totally stop the military drills, not just delay them,” said a propaganda website based in Pyongyang, commenting on Seoul’s decision to suspend drills with the American military until after the 2018 Olympic Winter Games.

Kim’s demands come after a thawing of relations between the two countries, which have technically been at a state of war since 1950. Earlier this month, despot Kim Jong Un wished his southern neighbors “great success” in hosting the upcoming Olympics.

Less than a week later, North and South Korean delegations agreed to allow athletes from the communist regime to participate in the international competition; traveling to the south with politicians, officials, and state-run media.

President Trump hailed the easing of tensions on the peninsula, but urged the international community to proceed with caution, saying “we’ll see what happens.”