North Korea

KOREAN CRISIS: Kim SUDDENLY CANCELS Pre-Olympic Event with South Korea

posted by Hannity Staff - 1.30.18

Kim Jong Un’s brutal North Korean regime suddenly canceled a highly-anticipated pre-Olympic event with South Korea on Monday night, accusing Seoul of orchestrating a media “smear campaign” against the Hermit Kingdom.

Pyongyang sent a strongly-worded letter to South Korea’s Unification Ministry -the bureau in charge of the tense relations between the two nations- accusing Seoul of tarnishing Kim’s “sincere efforts” to ease military tensions ahead of the 2018 Olympic Winter Games.

The statement says that the communist regime had “no choice but to cancel the agreed culture event as South Korean media is spreading public opinion insulting the North’s sincere efforts regarding the PyeongChang Winter Olympics and is taking issue with North Korea’s internal commemoration event.”

“It is greatly regrettable that an event agreed by the South and North will not be held due to North Korea’s unilateral notification,” said a statement from the Unification Ministry.

The last-minute cancellation comes amid a thawing of relations between the two nations -technically at war since 1953- ahead of the international competition.

It remains unclear if North and South Korea still plan on opening the games under a “united” Korean flag.