LIBERAL ADMISSION: Obama Aide RESPONDS After Phony Trump Smear

posted by Hannity Staff - 5.29.18

Former President Barack Obama’s speechwriter and aide finally responded to allegations he used a dated image to suggest President Trump was separating children from their parents along the United States’ southern border with Mexico, saying he incorrectly tweeted a story “multiple journalists were posting.”

Top Obama staffer Jon Favreau was forced to issue the correction Tuesday afternoon, saying he “realized his error” shortly after media sources pointed out an image he used to attack the Trump administration was actually taken in 2014; deep into Obama’s second term in office.

“I tweeted a story that multiple journalists were posting. My mistake for not checking the date first. A few minutes later, when I realized my error, I deleted the tweet and immediately tweeted the correct info and date of the picture,” he posted.

“To learn more about what happened during the 2014 crisis, listen to this excellent interview with Cecilia Munoz, who helped lead Obama’s immigration policy,” he added.