LIBERAL FAIL: Elizabeth Warren ‘DELIGHTED’ GOP Tax Cuts Working

posted by Hannity Staff - 1.11.18

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren was forced to further backtrack on her dire predictions regarding the GOP tax bill Wednesday, telling reporters she was “delighted” to hear that a local energy company in her home state was reducing its rates due to the Republican-led tax legislation.

The liberal lawmaker was speaking with Fox News when she was asked to comment on whether the Democratic party plans to repeal the GOP tax cuts should they take control of Congress following the 2018 midterm elections.

“What we have to do is change it,” Warren fired-back. “You got to take out the parts that are giant giveaways to big corporations that right now the Republicans plan for hard-working families to eventually pay for it.”

The Senator was then asked to comment on recent reports that Eversource, a Massachusetts-based energy company, was lowering its costs to consumers as a direct result of the tax cuts.

“And good for them. I’m delighted to hear that,” Warren said, before returning to her anti-capitalist routine.

“It is $1.5 trillion the Republicans gave away to billionaires and to giant corporations,” Warren added. “And they expect hardworking families to just pick up the ticket on that. I want those breaks to go directly to hardworking families. Not to a bunch of rich folks.”

h/t Washington Examiner