LITTLE LEAGUE LAUGHS: 3-Year Old Baseball Player RUNS BASES in Slow Motion

posted by Hannity Staff - 5.01.18

An adorable three-year-old baseball player in California won’t be breaking speed records any time soon, but his viral video is capturing hearts across the country after he insisted on running the bases in “slow motion” to mark the memorable moment.

Lennox Salcedo was wrapping up his baseball game this week in Walnut, California when he decided to take his coach’s instruction to “run home as fast as he can” in an unexpected direction.

The future all-star decided to re-enact slow-motion replays as he dashed across the base; at one point shrugging off his father who attempted to speed-up the youngster’s journey home.

The video appeared on social media and went viral within minutes, garnering nearly 100,000 views by Tuesday afternoon.

Watch Lennox ‘run’ the bases above!