LONDON FALLING: Socialist Protesters Take to the STREETS in UK Capital

posted by Hannity Staff - 5.01.18

Thousands of socialist protesters took to the streets of London during Tuesday’s ‘May Day’ demonstrations; marching into Trafalgar Square holding communist flags and portraits of Russian dictator Joseph Stalin.

According to the Daily Mail, the widespread demonstrations were organized by United Voices of the World and the International Workers Union of Great Britain; sending a clear message to British leaders over widespread unhappiness with the current political climate and worker’s conditions.

“The action, marking International Workers’ Day, which dates back to the early days of the trade union movement, coincided with a strike by some staff at McDonald’s over pay and union recognition,” writes the Mail. “Hundreds of employees assembled in London’s Trafalgar Square before taking part in a number of protests in the capital.”

“The links we are building between precarious workers – migrant workers, sex workers, workers on zero hours facing victimisation for union activity – could be the next stage of a desperately needed new movement against exploitation,” said a union representative.

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