MAD MADDOW: Rachel Unveils ‘THE TRUTH’ Behind Trump’s Davos Visit

posted by Hannity Staff - 1.25.18

The conspiracy theorists at MSNBC struggled this week to wrap their heads around why the President of the United States would attend a worldwide economic summit; instead baselessly claiming that Trump was visiting Davos, Switzerland so he could -of course- meet with Russian.

Hyper-liberal anchor and full-time Trump hater Rachel Maddow used her show to promote the newest tin-foil hat conspiracy theory that the Commander-in-Chief was visiting the global forum to secretly meet with Russian officials and businessmen.

In a brilliantly timed screen shot, a reporter for the Intercept grabbed Maddow’s breathless coverage of Trump’s international visit, revealing all the names of Russian agents Trump’s team could possibly meet with during their time in Davos.

While in Davos, the President touted his “America First” foreign policy; saying he was attending the summit to promote “peace and prosperity” across the globe.