MEDIA MELTDOWN: Liberal Pundits Trash ‘RACIST’ NFL after Protest Ban

posted by Hannity Staff - 5.23.18

The mainstream media lashed-out at the National Football League Wednesday over their decision to punish players who “take a knee” during the national anthem; accusing the new policies of being “un-American” and “racist.”

Left-leaning pundits took to twitter to trash the new guidelines, saying the league was attempting to “hide” protesting players to appease angry fans and re-gain sagging viewership across the United States.

“Standing in the locker room where no one can see you is not protest. It’s erasure. The players cannot accept this,” wrote CNN’s Mac Lamont.

The issue was thrust into national headlines last year after the President called for a national boycott until team owners and officials required all players to stand during the national anthem.