MEDIA MELTDOWN: NY Times Urges Supreme Court to ‘STAND UP’ to Trump

posted by Hannity Staff - 4.24.18

The liberal New York Times continued its all-out war against the Trump administration Monday; publishing an editorial that urged the US Supreme Court to finally “stand up” to the President and strike-down his so-called “Travel Ban.”

The left-leaning newspaper published the article titled, “Will the Court Stand Up to Donald Trump?” and urged the nation’s judicial branch to openly defy the President’s decision to limit immigration from specific, problem-plagued countries.

“The ban, now in its third iteration, is ostensibly about protecting national security, but it has been steeped from the start in the reactionary xenophobia at the heart of Mr. Trump’s campaign and presidency,” writes the editorial board.

“Today, in the face of an executive order again based on racial animus and unfounded fears, the justices have the chance to deliver a very different message about executive power, and the meaning of America,” adds the Times.

Read the full article here.