MIKA UNHINGED: 'Morning Joe' Host Says Trump Playing 'DIRTY POOL' in DOJ Probe

posted by Hannity Staff - 1.25.18

The mainstream media’s anti-Trump meltdown was on full-display at MSNBC Thursday morning, with ‘Morning Joe’ hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski breathlessly blasting the White House for playing “dirty pool” in trying to get to the bottom of corruption and bias at the FBI and DOJ.

“This dirty pool that is being played by members of the Senate, the House, and the administration; you’re undercutting the foundation of this democracy. You’re supposed to preserve it, and you’re using it right now to try and deflect from possible crimes committed by the President,” said Brzezinski.

“Today, somewhere in your state, somewhere definitely in the country, there are FBI agents that are going around. They’re trying to get intel, they’re trying to get information, they’re trying to break apart terror networks that want to blow-up your church, that want to blow up your synagogue, that want to kill you and your family,” added Scarborough.

“It’s these FBI agents who stand between you, me, and all of us from future terror attacks,” said Joe.