MUELLER MADNESS: Rudy Says RUSSIA Probe FINISHED by September 1st

posted by Hannity Staff - 5.21.18

Presidential lawyer and former Big Apple Mayor Rudy Giuliani confirmed over the weekend that the special counsel’s probe into Russian-Trump collusion will wrap up by September 1st, adding Mueller’s team sent him an “official timeline” of the investigation.

Giuliani received the “timeline” less than two weeks ago, saying Robert Mueller will finish the probe by September 1st to ensure its findings have a minimal impact on the highly-contested 2018 midterm elections.

“You don’t want another repeat of the 2016 election where you get contrary reports at the end and you don’t know how it affected the election,” he told the New York Times.

“We want the concentration of this to be on Comey versus the president’s credibility, and I think we win that and people get that,” he added.

The President slammed Mueller’s never-ending probe late last week, calling the never-ending investigation a “witch hunt” as it entered its second year.

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