MUELLER'S EXCUSES: Manafort Judge DELAYS Testimony After Special Counsel COMPLAINS

posted by Hannity Staff - 8.10.18

The fiery judge presiding over the special counsel’s tax fraud case against former Trump campaign Chairman Paul Manafort suddenly delayed new testimony Friday, following a strong “push back” form Mueller’s team.

“Judge T.S. Ellis III mysteriously delayed testimony Friday in the case of ex-Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, pushing off the day’s proceedings for hours after prosecutors once again complained about his criticism of them,” writes Fox News. “It’s not clear if the delay is connected to the complaint filed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team.”

Robert Mueller’s legal team filed a motion against Ellis Friday morning, claiming the judge was “unfairly criticizing them” in front of the jury, adding it may impact their final decision.

“Mueller deputy Andrew Weissmann and other attorneys on the team specifically noted how Ellis made negative comments this week about their focus on a bank loan Manafort applied for but did not receive,” writes Fox.

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