MUELLER’S MILLIONS: DOJ Has Spent Over $17 MILLION on Russia Probe So Far

posted by Hannity Staff - 6.02.18

The Department of Justice has spent over $17 million on its investigation into Russian election interference since last May, says a new financial report published Thursday by the DOJ.

The report shows the department spent nearly $7 million from May 2017 until October 2017, and an additional $10 million to date; bringing the total to over $17 million worth of tax payer money to probe the Kremlin’s involvement in the 2016 race for the White House.

Special counsel Robert Mueller was appointed in May 2017 after Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from any investigation into the Trump campaign, setting the stage for the high-stakes showdown between the President and the special counsel.

The President slammed the report Thursday, saying “At what point does this soon to be $20,000,000 Witch Hunt, composed of 13 Angry and Heavily Conflicted Democrats and two people who have worked for Obama for 8 years, STOP!”