MUST SEE: Liberal Students TRASH Trump’s State of the Union… One Week Before It Happens

posted by Hannity Staff - 1.29.18

Liberal students at New York University didn’t hold back when asked about President Trump’s first State of the Union address, blasting the Commander-in-Chief’s “racist” and “hateful” speech one week before it happens.

Campus Reform took to the streets of lower Manhattan this week to ask left-wing millennials their reaction to Trump’s address to both Houses of Congress; prompting the students to weigh-in on the President’s “address that took place last night.”

“We’ve been getting people’s reactions today to the State of the Union last night. Some people were saying it was the most racist State of the Union that’s ever happened. What was your reaction to everything that was said,” asked the reporter.

“Quite racist at the very least. If not up there with most racist,” said one student.

“It’s something that I wouldn’t have expected to happen in our lifetime… It’s offensive, it is crazy, but I’m not shocked by it based on what he’s done in the past.,” fired-back another.

Watch the hilarious video above.