NANCY'S NIGHTMARE: The President Says NO IMMIGRATION Deal Without ‘The Wall’

posted by Hannity Staff - 5.24.18

President Trump doubled-down on his demands for a complete border wall Thursday, saying there can be “no deal” on immigration reform that doesn’t fully fund his signature campaign promise.

The President was speaking with Fox News when he vowed to make good on his pledge to GOP voters, saying “unless it includes a wall, and I mean a real wall” he refuses to sign any legislation that crosses his desk.

“Unless it includes a wall, and I mean a wall, a real wall, and unless it includes very strong border security, there will be no approvals from me,” said Trump.

“I can tell you there is a mood right now for very strong border security,” he added.

“We’re doing a lot of work on security, generally speaking, security and border — border security. [Border crossings are] down over 40 percent,” Trump said. “So people come across, but we’re going to get the rest. I think there’s a lot of pressure on the Democrats to get it approved, frankly, and also to change the immigration laws to toughen them up a lot.”

Watch the President’s pledge above.