OBAMA'S ADMISSION: Obama and Republicans FINALLY AGREE on Just One Thing

posted by Hannity Staff - 4.03.18

Former President Barack Obama and conservatives across the country found common ground this week, with both sides finally agreeing on just one issue: Everyone is ‘relieved’ Barack Obama is no longer in the White House.

According to a recent interview with the Hill, Obama’s White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest confirmed Donald Trump’s predecessor was “relieved to no longer be bearing the burden of the Presidency.”

“It’s obvious to most people who are watching that he is relieved to no longer be bearing the burden of the presidency,” said Earnest. “I think there’s no doubt that he is more relaxed and more at ease and more unburdened than he’s been in a decade, and it shows.”

Earnest describes the Obamas carefree demeanor since leaving the Oval Office, with insiders saying Barack and Michelle were finally “enjoying life” after a grueling eight years in power.

“They just looked like they were enjoying life,” one longtime aide said at their official portrait unveilings. “They looked like they were reveling in the moment.”

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h/t Washington Examiner