OFF TO THE RACES: Without Hillary DOZENS of Dems Set Their Sights on 2020

posted by Hannity Staff - 5.09.18

Without a clear front-runner for the Democratic nomination, dozens of liberal lawmakers and politicians are setting their sights on 2020; descending upon New Hampshire as the “invisible primary” season slowly kicks off.

“Invisible primaries typically start after the midterm elections, but Democrats thinking about the 2020 race appear to be getting a head start,” writes the Hill. “The battle to become the Democratic nominee is shaping up for an early start, and political observers say it’s anyone’s to win.”

“I think lots of folks are anxious to test the waters and put out feelers about what a race might look like and if they’ll get the support they’ll need,” said one Democratic donor. “Typically those conversations don’t really happen until after the midterm, but I think it’s a different time. The election cycle never ended.”

A prominent Democrat in New Hampshire also weighed-in on the rush of liberals descending on the Granite State, saying “There are so many potential contenders wanting to come up for our events, it’s just mind-blowing, the activity,” he told Fox News.