PHILLY ON FIRE: Chaos in PHILADELPHIA After Super Bowl Stunner

posted by Hannity Staff - 2.05.18

Fans of the World Champion Philadelphia Eagles erupted Sunday night; celebrating their stunning Super Bowl victory by setting fires, smashing storefronts, and flipping cars just minutes after winning the National Football League’s Big Game.

Footage of the carnage surfaced in social media at approximately 11pm, with unruly fans looting a downtown Macy’s department store and police officers guarding  turned-over vehicles throughout the city to avoid injuries.

Another disturbing video shows fans climbing onto the street awning of the Philadelphia Ritz-Carlton Hotel; eventually collapsing under the weight and spilling countless people into the streets below.

The impromptu melee was a fitting end to the NFL’s disastrous 2017 season; a year which saw furious fans abandon the league in droves as professional athletes routinely disrespected the US national anthem and flag.