RELEASE THE MEMO: Intel Committee to MEET as Pressure to Release FISA MEMO Grows

posted by Hannity Staff - 1.29.18

The House Intelligence Committee has scheduled a “business” meeting Monday evening to discuss releasing the famed FISA Memo to the general public; a possible significant step forward as GOP pressure to publish the material grows throughout Congress.

Committee Chairman Devin Nunes announced the last-minute scheduling change Monday morning, adding the panel was to convene to discuss “pending committee business and other matters,” but did not specifically say whether a vote would take place regarding the controversial memo.

The explosive document reportedly contains evidence of widespread abuse of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act -commonly referred to as FISA- to spy on American citizens, including those with close ties to President Trump.

The memo also answers questions over whether Democratic-funded intelligence was used to surveil senior Trump associates in the run-up to the 2016 presidential election.

Despite the Justice Department’s opposition to releasing the information, the White House has signaled its “receptiveness” to publishing the bombshell memo, saying the President is “more inclined for transparency.”

“I think the president is more inclined for transparency in this investigation,” said the White House legislative affairs director. “To the extent that the House, I think, has advocated that it’s publicly released, I think the president is receptive to that.”

h/t The Hill