RUSSIA REGRET: MSNBC Host Says Media Was ‘COMPLICIT’ in Hillary Email Scandal

posted by Hannity Staff - 4.25.18

MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell says members of the mainstream media were “complicit” in reporting on Clinton campaign emails; suggesting they should have focused on Donald Trump’s ‘Access Hollywood’ audiotapes instead.

The MSNBC anchor was speaking with Amy Chozick Wednesday when she asked the reporter to respond to criticisms contained in her new tell-all memoir.

Mitchell: We the Press Were 'Complicit' in Covering the Podesta E-mails

“What are your feelings–I see them in the book–about how unwittingly complicit we were after, on that horrible day, the ‘Access Hollywood’ tape comes out and then right away the Podesta emails are dumped by Wikileaks, and everybody chased after it?” Mitchell asked.

“At the time, I did what every news organization did. We covered them. We contextualized them. We tried to make sure they were accurate,” Chozick said. “But then about a month after the election, I was on the subway on the way to work, and read a Pulitzer winning story by my colleagues about how the Russians pulled off the perfect hack to interfere in our democracy, and it said ‘turning the media organization, including the Times, into de facto agents of Russian intelligence.'”

Watch Mitchell’s ‘admission’ above.

h/t Washington Free Beacon