RUSSIAN FAIL: Putin’s ‘GLOBAL RANGE’ Missile Crashed After 22 Miles

posted by Hannity Staff - 5.22.18

The highly-hyped Russian missile that Vladimir Putin claimed had an “unlimited” range turned out to have a pretty short limit, with US military experts saying the rocket crashed after just 22 miles of flight.

The new missile was one of Putin’s “invincible” nuclear weapons unveiled earlier this year during a military speech; claiming Russia could now bypass all US security measures and strike “anywhere” in the world.

“Since its range is unlimited, it can maneuver as long as you want,” said the Russian leader. “For now, no one in the world has anything like this.”

Sources close to the Russian military now tell the Telegraph that US authorities believe all four test flights failed, with the longest flight lasting two minutes and crashing to the earth after just 22 miles.

Russian officials deny the report.

“Listen to the president of Russia Vladimir Putin and believe him,” said a spokesperson for the Kremlin.

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