SCHUMER MELTDOWN: Trump SLAMS ‘Crying Chuck’ Over Iran Hypocrisy

posted by Hannity Staff - 5.10.18

President Trump unloaded on Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer Thursday, blasting the liberal legislator for hypocritically “fighting hard” against the Iran nuclear agreement but now attacking the President for “terminating the deal.”

The Commander-in-Chief blasted ‘Crying Chuck’ on social media, saying he “doesn’t really believe” that ending the troubled international agreement was the wrong decision; adding “Same with Comey. Thought he was terrible until I fired him!”

Schumer -who initially opposed the Obama-era agreement- called on the President to do the “right thing” and come up with “another agreement” before scrapping the deal entirely.

“The right thing to do would have been to try to come up, with our allies, with an agreement on those issues and let the nuclear part of this continue as it is, because it’s not being violated in any way,” Schumer said this week.

h/t Washington Examiner