STUDENT SUPPORT: Pro-Second Amendment Students Plan NATIONWIDE 'Walkout'

posted by Hannity Staff - 5.02.18

High school students across America are planning a nationwide “walkout” Wednesday in support of the Second Amendment; with organizers saying they hope to “dispel the myth” that the country’s youth “support more gun controls.”

According to Fox News, over 400 schools are expected to participate in the demonstration seen as a counter-protest to the “March For Our Lives” movement that took place earlier this year.

Will Riley, an 18-year old student who plans to take part in the protest, says he hopes to “dispel” the idea that his “generation supports” more gun controls.

“I think all of our constitutional rights are important, but I think the Second Amendment is somewhat special in that it’s meant to protect the others,” he said. “It’s so important right now because no one is calling to repeal the other amendments, but if you repeal one, then you set the precedent that it’s something you can do.”

The issues of school safety and gun control were thrust into the national spotlight earlier this year after 17 people were murdered at a local high school in Parkland Florida; re-igniting liberal calls to crackdown on gun ownership across the country.