SUPREME SHOWDOWN: Judges Likely to SIDE WITH TRUMP on ‘Travel Ban’

posted by Hannity Staff - 4.25.18

The Supreme Court heard arguments Wednesday regarding the President’s revised immigration guidelines, with those in attendance claiming the judges seemed likely to rule in favor of the so-called ‘travel ban.’

“The Trump administration enjoyed a favorable reception Wednesday from the Supreme Court’s conservative majority in the first significant legal test of this president’s policies and power, as the justices reviewed the high-stakes challenge to the so-called travel ban,” writes Fox News.

The travel proposal effectively halts entry into the United States from specific nations over a host of security concerns. Critics claim the ban is “tainted” by anti-Muslim religious bias, while proponents say the President is within his rights to help protect US citizens from foreign threats.

“That does not look at all like a Muslim ban,” said conservative Justice Samuel Alito; adding that of the approximately 50 Muslim-majority nations, only five were on the President’s list.