THIS IS CNN: Network Doctor MYSTERIOUSLY CLAIMS Trump Has ‘Heart Disease’

posted by Hannity Staff - 1.17.18

CNN’s senior medical team refused to acknowledge President Trump’s “excellent” health report this week, breathlessly asserting that the Commander-in-Chief has “heart disease” and will likely suffer a cardiac event within years.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta was speaking with ‘New Day’ host Alisyn Camerota when he flat-out denied the findings of the President’s first physical examination in office, saying he saw “concerning” facts in the doctor’s data.

“It’s great to have you here, because you see different findings and conclusions in the data and in the results that you saw… What do you see here?” asked Camerota.

“That’s concerning… When you look at the findings, this coronary calcium score is a score that a lot of cardiologists use to be predictive and be proactive […] It’s concerning because you say if you do nothing different, if things don’t change the likelihood of having some sort of heart event can occur in a certain number of years,” said Gupta.

“No doubt, because of his diet and because of his lack of exercise that would be part of the reason those numbers have likely gone up… So, the President has heart disease. Those numbers qualify for him having heart disease,” he added.

Gupta’s “findings” fly in the face of President Trump’s official medical exam, that found the President in “excellent” health, both physically and mentally.

h/t Washington Free Beacon