THIS IS CNN: Network’s OBSESSION with Mysterious White Truck Continues

posted by Hannity Staff - 12.29.17

Just hours after a mysterious white box-truck cut-off CNN’s camera crew from filming the President while golfing over the holiday weekend, the network continues to obsess over the incident; repeatedly covering the non-issue on social media.

Noah Gray, a senior White House producer for CNN tweeted repeatedly regarding the “white box truck” on Thursday and Friday, saying “White box truck of same type & similar look seen parked at PBSO department parking lot. It remained there today.”

“Spox for PBSO Teri Barbera, reiterated to CNN the truck maneuver was not authorized by management of the detail of the Sheriff’s office,” he added. “Reports @SecretService saying they did not provide the box truck to block the view of Trump golfing.”

Earlier this month, President Trump slammed CNN and other networks over their non-stop coverage of Robert Mueller’s months-long investigation into Russian-Trump collusion during the 2016 election; blasting the cable outlet as “fake news.”