THIS IS IT? Trump’s FIERCEST CRITICS Slam CNN’s 'Stormy' Obsession

posted by Hannity Staff - 3.27.18

Some of President Trump’s harshest critics slammed CNN’s non-stop coverage of the Commander-in-Chief’s alleged affair with a former adult actress this week; blasting the network’s newest obsession and unloading on Anderson Cooper’s “creepy interview.”

Minutes after CNN’s Anderson Cooper wrapped his highly-hyped interview with Stormy Daniels, anchors and pundits openly questioned the point of the network’s breathless coverage; with one analyst admitting he was “perplexed and bewildered” over the segment.

“I know that as a CNN analyst I’m supposed to give you some smart, legal insight here but I really am somewhat perplexed and bewildered as to what the endgame is here,” said CNN legal analyst Mark Geragos.

“I understand we’re supposed to beat our chests and say, ‘This is horrible and blah blah blah,’ and I’m not a great supporter of Donald Trump at all,” he added.

Even the The View’s Whoopi Goldberg questioned Cooper’s motives; asking “I think people thought there was going to be like a smoking gun here… Did we miss something?”

Watch Whoopi’s comments above.