posted by Hannity Staff - 1.30.18

All of President Donald Trump’s border wall prototypes have passed rigorous inspection and are “virtually impassable,” allowing the White House to move ahead with construction as Congress sets its sights on passing comprehensive immigration reform including border security.

According to Fox News, all eight prototypes were erected and tested on the outskirts of San Diego, California, with each design withstanding onslaughts from torches, jackhammers, concrete saws, and were “impossible to climb thanks to anti-climbing and anti-perching features.”

“I can’t talk about it,” said one DHS official. “But the walls were so high we had to suspend testing. It was unsafe. Out of dozens and attempts, one guy made it to the top but he couldn’t get down. We had to bring him down with cherry picker.”

“We proved walls work,” said a senior border agent. “But that doesn’t mean we need a 30-foot wall from sea to shining sea. The wall system the president is talking about includes a physical wall, but also a fiber optic sensor cable, radars, roads, lights.”

The prototype’s passing grade means construction can begin as soon as Congressional lawmakers strike a deal on immigration reform. The President recently unveiled his official proposal, providing a pathway to citizenship for nearly 2 million ‘Dreamers’ in exchange for billions in border wall funding.