TRUMP BUMP: The President’s Approval SOARS in New Polls

posted by Hannity Staff - 4.02.18

President Trump’s approval rating soared to new heights in recent days after months of strong economic data and the recent easing of tensions with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un; throwing cold-water on liberal hopes of a ‘blue wave’ during the 2018 midterm elections.

According to a recent survey, the President’s job approval rating popped to 50% over the holiday weekend, with 49% disapproving of Trump’s performance.

“The latest figures include 33% who Strongly Approve of the way the president is performing and 39% who Strongly Disapprove,” writes Rasmussen. “Trump’s overall job approval rating is now running ahead of where Barack Obama’s was at this stage of his presidency.”

The boost raised alarm bells throughout Democratic circles in Washington as liberal lawmakers seek to retake the House of Representatives and Senate later this year.

The GOP and President have largely erased strong Democratic gains in recent months after the left-wing legislators failed to secure a highly-anticipated deal on the nation’s ‘Dreamers’ and refused to fund President Trump’s signature campaign promise: The border wall.