TRUMP STRIKES BACK: The President UNLOADS on ‘Lightweight’ Kirsten Gillibrand

posted by Hannity Staff - 12.12.17

President Trump called-out Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand on social media Tuesday morning, blasting the New York legislator for getting “in the ring against Trump” after she “begged” him for campaign contributions.

The President lashed-out at the liberal lawmaker on twitter early Tuesday morning, calling the Senator a “lightweight” and a “total flunky for Chuck Schumer,” adding the New York legislator was “very disloyal to Bill & Crooked [Hillary].”

“Lightweight Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, a total flunky for Chuck Schumer and someone who would come to my office ‘begging’ for campaign contributions not so long ago (and would do anything for them), is now in the ring fighting against Trump. Very disloyal to Bill & Crooked-USED!” Trump tweeted.

The President’s comments come hours after Gillibrand called for Trump’s resignation over unfounded reports of sexual misconduct before he took office.

The Senator fired-back at Trump on twitter, saying she “cannot” be silenced.

“You cannot silence me or the millions of women who have gotten off the sidelines to speak out about the unfitness and shame you have brought to the Oval Office,” she posted.