UN-AMERICAN: Liberal Rep. Seeks to BAN Future State of the Union Addresses

posted by Hannity Staff - 2.06.18

Democratic Representative Adam Smith moved to ban future State of the Union addresses on Tuesday morning, saying the President’s speech allows politicians to make “promises” they never intend on keeping to the American people.

Rep. Smith called for the end of the joint address that goes back to the earliest days of the nation while speaking at the House Armed Services Committee; calling on Congress to ban the remarks “for Democrats and Republicans alike.”

“The State of the Union address promised more money than I can possibly imagine,” said Smith. “I think we ought to ban the State of the Union address, and I say that for Democrats and Republicans alike.”

“The main thing that it does is it gives the executive a chance to stand up there and promise things that are absolutely, utterly, and completely impossible to deliver,” he added. “And then the American public comes to expect it, and rightfully gets a little bit irritated when magic doesn’t make it happen.”

“Every State of the Union address I have seen since I’ve been here, I’ve walked out of there thinking, ‘We don’t have that money. What is he talking about?’” Smith said.

The liberal lawmakers comments come just days after President Trump delivered his first annual State of the Union address to the American people; a speech widely-praised by viewers with some polls putting the approval rating as high as 75%.

h/t Washington Examiner